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My Passion for Everyday Fitness

I am passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals through personalized fitness programming. I specialize in corrective exercise and use my background in strength and conditioning, to help you maintain a level of fitness that will keep you adaptable and ready to face whatever situation you may find yourself in. 


About Me

My Fitness Journey


Rotator Cuff Injury


USF Exercise science

and training others

I tore my rotator cuff without noticing and continued training on it for a while. Finally, I realized all the trauma I was putting my body through because I was in PAIN! After acknowledging this, I took a much more balanced approach to training rather than just training till failure everyday. I realized this was something I wanted to do for a long time, not just a few years, and began diving deep into functional and corrective exercises for the whole body. I've been able to fully rehab my shoulder and return to intensive shoulder activities again such as bench press and even rock climbing!

I received my educational background in anatomy and physiology that I use on a daily basis at the University of South Florida. I acquired my NASM personal training certificate at the end of my tenure at USF and became a personal trainer at a corporate health club which helped me gain experience with a wide range of clientele.


High School Weightlifting

I began weightlifting in high school. Shortly after beginning, had a setback when I broke both my wrists. I finally returned to the gym in 2017!

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